The Best Chemical Supplier Company in Dhaka

June 25, 2022

Chemical is an essential goods for industries. We are one of the best chemical supplier companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The ChemYard is for the chemicals for dyeing, textile, printing, ETP, food and other purposes. We deliver chemical products to client's factory.

The ChemYard must be a trusted chemical supplier for your productive business. For high quality chemicals, contact us today.

We are a Bangladeshhi industrial chemical supplier and a very loyal helping hand for manufacturers. Not only calcium carbonate, it delivers global salt or local salt, caustic soda, pumice stone, potash, bleaching powder etc.

As it is one of the best chemical supplier in Bangladesh, it has a smart sales team. You can find silicon liquid, Silicone Fluid, soda ash, etc.


ChemYard supplies-

Antiback(Pocket clener) liquid /powder.

Antiozone softener (Pest)

Silicone Softener.

Softener. Anionic/Nonionic/Cationic

Biopolish Enzyme (liq)

SL-Enzyme (liq)

Powder Enzyme (Stone wash)

Powder Enzyme (Stone Free)

P.P Activetor (liq)

Bleach Activetor (Powder)

Tear Strength Improver

Lyxra Protector (Liq)(One Shot)

Wet Rubbing Firstness Improver(liq)

Indigo Foxing (liq)

Designing Enzyme (liq)

Zipper Protector (powder)

Sequistaring Agent

Peroxide stabilizer

Peroxide killer

Scouring Argent

Anticriging Agent

Soaping Agent

Leveling Agent(Cotton)

Mercering Agent

Soda Ash Light

Sodium Hyposulfite 99%min (Thiosulfate)

Sodium Metabisulphite 97%min

Sodium Sulfite Anhydrous 97%min

Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous 99%min

Acitic Acid

Inquiry for other chemical items is also possible there. Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, Shower gels, Liquid Hand Soap Laundry & Detergents are also AVAILABLE.